Over 30 Years of Experience
Established in 1987, Shenzhen HPL Packing Products is a professional manufacturer of printing and paper products, and a provider of turnkey solutions.

Wide Product Range to Choose From
Our main products include cosmetic boxes, wine boxes, all types of color boxes, display boxes, exquisite gift boxes, color greeting cards, PVC/PET boxes, and other related items. These are mainly exported to Europe, Australia, the US, Asia, and other areas worldwide.

Benefit from our Advantages
With over 30 years of OEM experience in cooperating with customers from the US and Europe, we have established a high-quality control system, optimizing our cost control system plus our advanced equipment (ROLD-700 big printing machine, fully automatic cover machine, and more).

Passed Different Certifications
Also, we have passed FSC, BSCI, ISO 9001, Walt Disney, and Costco factory audits. At the same time, we have cooperation experiences with supermarket chains, such as Costco, Walt Disney, Global Connections LLC, Solution Group SPA, 31 RUE LLC, PET-Corp International, and Spicebox Product Development Ltd.

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